A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You wake up in a strange and locked house. You need to collect clues about this cursed household in each room to find a way out. The strange stories behind each family member would gradually be unfolded in the process of your exploration. If you find all clues in the room you can proceed further. Be aware of invisible ghosts. Can you escape this house?

Install instructions

Please read before running the application

Follow the instructions:

  • Hit F key to toggle flashlight;
  • Hit Escape to quit application at anytime;
  • The cursor is invisible and locked at the centre of the screen. Try to target on the object you need to interact with, by aligning the white + mark with the object;
  • Some hints are only visible with the flashlight on or off. Don’t forget to use your flashlight wisely.
  • If you have difficulties hitting any object, try to move not too close neither too far from it until you can clearly see the object at the centre of the screen, and click for a couple of times.
  • If you still have difficulties interatcing with some objects in the second room…

[WARNING: spoilers below]

[WARNING: spoilers below]

  • To open the closet: face the closet until you can clearly see the yellow halo, ideally on the position where you’re just able to turn the halo on, and click around the middle gap between two closet doors.
  • To collect the key on the bedside table and the glasses on the drawer: get close enough to the item, look at it from its up right side and click for multiple times.


WindowsExe.zip 459 MB
HorrorCatalepsy_OS.zip 469 MB

Development log


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We did a play testing in the class. It is successful in making a scary atmosphere. I like the setting that your vision is quite narrow down in the dark space. The jump scare maybe a little bit flat to me. I want to actually see the face of the ghost taking over the whole screen if possible.

Really good job on creating the scary atmosphere omg 😭 I just panicked when you said something like, turn you lights to somewhere and you'll find something unexpected, that's literally my nightmare. The style of this game suits to the horror theme really well, using only dark and pale colors is also a good choice...

WOW! This game is incredible! Although I'm always afraid of horror games and movies, I played this game and really just admire the immersive experience you created. The font, the music and soudn effects, the instructions are all perfectly organized. Love it!

This is too scary for me. I got scared while doing the playtest already lol. I think sound and music, also the darkness of its environment and character are all going so well together! I like its mysterious feeling, which you can turn on and off the flashlights and looking for clues...etc. I did not finish the whole game since it is a bit too scary, but I think you did a really good job:)

I'm not a horror game fan, but this game really teaches me why people love horror games. The music of this game makes me anxious the first time I open it. I thought I would only play once, but after I get used to it I started to pay attention to the game itself. The closet door was another thing that scared me, I thought I will be trapped in that closet. Later I notice that I don’t have to get inside the closet to collect the object. I like this game because it challenges my affordability of horrible things. I never thought I will like a horror game, but now I think I want to try any horror game! The only thing I hope that could change is the typeface you choose. It works well in the title, but a little hard to read when it is used in a paragraph. 

Hahaha the trick you found is actually a bug but interestingly we've heard many players reporting that the bug saved their life! So I'd think it a lovely mistake!

And thanks for the crits on typeface! I agree!


When I saw this game during playtesting, I was already amazed by the background music and scene-setting, and also, scary!!! Your final work is even more accomplished. I really like the animation of showing ghosts when I step on the trap with a specific position. TBH, I didn't turn on my audio when playing the game hahaha. Overall, very nice game!


The music and the visual setting is working together really great! I downloaded the game at night but played it just now once I woke up b/c it looked v scary lol 

I love the flashlight feature and the different elements you put in the scene to add nice layers, like the closet door moving, and the player needing to find the objects within given time before gets hit by the zombie. I got to the second room pretty easily and then for some reason I had hard time picking up the key and the glasses, but your spoilers are helpful to know so I'll keep them in mind when I play next time!

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I love the setting, tone, and music. Some notes: the player got stuck on some objects on the floor. I got a message that I died while I was still collecting clues although I was just moving around the room. Some items were hard to collect.

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A note after the in class discussion:  just because one person had a different experience (not being able to pick a toy) doesn't make their feedback less valid. The last part of the directions were not clear so I didn't get  how we were supposed to pick up items. 

I agree with Jinxin! You guys set the tone extremely well with the font, music, and lighting. I like how you have to be strategic when to toggle the flashlight - it all adds to the suspense. Had to read the spoilers to get through but amazing and horrifying game!

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to know that the spoilers did help you navigate!

This is a super scary game...I cannot play for the second time after I died, you guys are very successful at building this scary game. Also I really like the bgm of the game that really help to create a scary atmosphere. Also I think this is a very complete game. Very good job!!! and sorry that I can't play again for more suggest...it's sooo scary

hahahaha tbh we scared ourselves like sh*t when we were making it